About Us

About Us

North Shore Chiropractic Brand Story

Dr. Chris and Dr. Joseph grew up in two completely different environments, but they both witnessed a common theme throughout their lives. Early on in life, Chris saw the miraculous effect that Chiropractic work had in helping a family member, who constantly struggled with chronic pain, finally get some relief. He eventually got to experience the benefits of chiropractic work firsthand when his parents decided to take him to a chiropractor to help promote his health and well being, in turn, limiting the risk of potential health issues. Chris was amazed to learn that chiropractic medicine was not only for pain but also for getting the body in balance so that the nervous system could function. Joe, on the other hand, was able to witness these benefits in a very different way. Due to working in a very corporate environment, and often having to sit in the same position for hours on end, Joe began to develop severe pain in his neck and back. Instead of going down the traditional path of pain management, Joe set out to find a natural way to get rid of his pain. He started going to weekly chiropractic sessions and was blown away by how little time it took to begin seeing results.


They knew that they had discovered something truly amazing. And while they were both aware of the wonderful benefits of chiropractic care, they also became aware of another more shocking and risky method of health care. During that time, if someone suffered from debilitating pain the most common method of treatment was to see your doctor and have him or her write you a prescription for an over-the-counter pain pill. Not only was this method of treatment ineffective at fixing the underlying cause of pain it also lead to dependence for many users. Chris and Joe were baffled. Why were so many people choosing this method of pain management when chiropractic care had the ability to fix the underlying cause of pain while aiding the body in its ability to self-heal?

Joe started to feel out of place at his corporate job, as his passion and attention began to fixate on wanting to be a part of the chiropractic world. And when it came time for Chris to choose a field of study, his early childhood experiences left no doubt in his mind about what he wanted to do. They both enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic, in hopes of having the chance to do their part to promote natural health and well being throughout the world.

After years of rigorous training and study of the structure of human body, how it functions and moves, what ails it, and how to test for and heal disease and dysfunction they were finally certified in Chiropractic medicine. They now had the knowledge and insight into innovative techniques designed to promote the health and well being of the whole person, and they were ready to share what they had learned with the world. After graduation, Joe began working in a medical facility with plans to bring holistic health and wellness to people suffering from chronic and acute pain. Chris started working in a Chiropractic franchise so that he could help people who were suffering from everyday wear and tear prevent future damage.

Finally, in the career of their dreams, they were excited to educate their future patients about the benefits of chiropractic care and help them achieve natural pain relief, health, and well being. While working at multiple different practices, Dr. Joe and Dr. Chris became aware of something troubling within the chiropractic field. They began to see that even though patients were coming in for regular chiropractic treatments they were not getting the long-term relief they were after. This was very strange and it went against everything they knew to be true about the benefits of chiropractic care. They realized that many chiropractic practices did not require initial screenings or testing to figure out the underlying cause of pain and discomfort before treatment began. On top of that, many chiropractic businesses were operating more like chiropractic mills rather than healing practices, often times trying to fit in as many patients as they could throughout the day, and constantly overbooking doctors.  

This loss of direction and sense of purpose caused Dr. Chris and Dr. Joseph to reevaluate the path they were on and forced them to think about how they could actually make a difference with their work. It became apparent if they were going to work in a place that valued the individual patient and focused on bringing each patient holistic and powerful results they would need to open their own practice and design their own unique system for chiropractic care.

After hearing about each others’ similar goals, they decided to meet up and discuss their plans for change. They were pleased to find they shared many of the same philosophies about how chiropractic care should be practiced and agreed on many of the same approaches needed to improve the field. They decided to go into business together and came up with three very important principles that would guide them in their practice.

1: They would offer tailor-made care for each patient and focus on fixing the individual’s unique problems and concerns.

2: They would make sure to do thorough testing, screenings, and diagnostics for each patient before treatment began.

3: They would give their patients a well-rounded, multidisciplinary, holistic experience all under one roof.

Within no time they began work on planning out how every aspect of their practice would follow these three principles.

Once every detail was accounted for they began work on building their dream practice and had their grand opening in 2017. Since then they have been amazed by the success their patients have had using their tailor-made care. It has been a huge reward for Dr. Joseph and Dr. Chris to be able to give their patients natural health and wellness treatments in a way that is best suited for them. Chris and Joe are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to help improve their patient’s lives and educate them about the wonders of chiropractic care.

ABOUT Dr. Joe and Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris and Dr. Joe are Nationally Certified Chiropractic Physicians. They both attended and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Chris and Dr. Joe are passionate about chiropractic medicine having both witnessed the benefits first hand early on in life. They have practiced on over hundreds of patients and are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to help improve their patient’s Lives. They hope to be able to do their part to educate their patients about the wonder of this natural form of health care.