Tailor-Made Care Plan

Your body and the journey it goes through are unique. You deserve a health care plan that is tailored to fit you and your specific needs.

Perform At Your Best

When your body is at its best so are you! Natural health practices help aid the body in its natural healing ability so you can recover faster from everyday wear and tear.

Long-Term Prevention

Natural health care practices focus on preventing injury, pain, and discomfort long before they happen so you can continue to do the things you love without interference.

Everybody deserves a healthy life!

We know that your health is important to you. If you’re not in good shape you can’t maintain an active lifestyle, take care of the kids, or perform at your best. We understand that going to a doctor’s office can be stressful and scary. That’s why we provide you with natural healthcare in a fun, friendly, and exciting environment.

Your body is constantly facing stress and strain caused by overuse and many other factors. We use Natural health practices, such as Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy, to figure out and treat the underlying cause of pain and discomfort instead of just treating the symptoms. We help promote your body’s ability to heal naturally and prevent future pain, disease, and dysfunction.

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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Chris and Dr. Joe are licensed, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. They have helped thousands of patients over the years feel better and live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Our Philosophy

We always make sure to do a thorough round of screenings and testings before we even lay a finger on any new patient. This allows us to make sure that we are treating the underlying cause of pain or discomfort instead of just treating the symptoms.


Tailor-Made Care Plan:

Your First Appointment

We will first spend some time going over your daily routine and your past experiences. Then we will do a thorough round of tests in order to diagnose the root cause and further understand what is keeping you from performing at your best.

Individualized Care Plan

After you leave your first appointment we will look at our findings, and consider how your daily routine and past history may be contributions to your pain or discomfort. Then we create a unique tailor-made treatment plan to get you results.

Amazing Results

Through regular adjustments, muscle relaxation techniques, and simple home-care exercises you’ll be able to feel better perform better, and be stress-free in no time.

What our Patients Say

I had a severe case of sciatica. Took advice from everybody to no avail. I was referred to North Shore Chiropractic and they assured me that they could relieve most if not all of my pain within a couple of months. I took the chance and saw them 3 times a week. It's important to note that when I first saw them, I used a cane and could barely walk. After 2-3 adjustments, I started to feel much better but I still used my cane. After a few more weeks, I no longer needed my cane to walk. I continued to visit North Shore Chiropractic for several months and can tell you it was the best decision I made. Prior to seeing them, I had no idea about chiropractors. Now that they have relieved me of the majority of my pain, I swear they can help people with their pain.

Dan I


North Shore Chiropractic is great! They take time to assess the spine to know exactly what needs to be done to make the correction. They're thorough and they are awesome adjusters! Appreciate your help in making my neck feel better. I'll be back!

Mark Springer


After experiencing a traumatic accident in May I was referred to North Shore Chiropractic by a friend who was having her own success overcoming back pain at this practice. I give the doctors there a great deal of credit because they were one few people I knew after I moved to St. Pete and actually seemed to care about my condition. They were a grounding force for me. The practice treated me and collaborated with other specialists in the area to ensure my injuries healed. The North Shore team gave me more information and feedback than any other doctors I have seen.

Sherry McNeel


Stress-Free Life

By getting long-term preventative care you experience fewer injuries, fewer sick days and less stress overall.

Natural Pain Relief

We figure out and treat the underlying cause of pain or discomfort instead of just masking the symptoms.

Better Health

Chiropractic care improves health, sleep, stress, happiness, well-being, the immune system, strength, and mobility.

Cost of Preventative Care:

Staying healthy and living a long life starts with preventive healthcare. Most people only think of visiting a chiropractor after they’ve injured themselves. But what they do not realize is how important it is to see a chiropractor before an injury even occurs. A body that is in proper alignment can protect itself from injury far more easily than one that is not aligned. Chiropractic care when used in conjunction with physical therapy can help you get to the activity and health level you want to be at. When your body is working at its peak performance, it can better protect itself from injury, and it has an increased natural ability to heal. Your body is constantly facing things like postural stress or muscular overuse that can interfere with this process. Spinal adjustments and physical therapy help your body stay at its best and enables your body to draw on its own natural healing abilities. So what is the cost of preventative health care to you? What do you risk by not getting preventative care? How many wasted hours would you lose lying in bed if you got injured? How many exciting outings or special family moments would you miss out on because of pain or illness? How long would you have to work to regain lost progress from an illness or injury that could have been avoided? Would you ever be able to recover? Preventive health care can help you avoid illness and detect problems before you notice any symptoms – helping you stay healthy and happy.

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